Friday, 1 May 2015

Who is your favourite hero from the Avengers team? Avengers - Age of Ultron review

So who is your favourite hero from the Avengers team?
Is it Iron man who has all the gadgets and is rich and clever to boot.  (not unlike Batman!).  Or is it The Hulk who is sensitive but can be strong when needed.  We have Thor – a god from another dimension with a big hammer.  That must impress you surely? Or do you prefer Captain America – a real man with enhanced Strength.  There is also the Black Widow –  A deadly and beautiful assassin and of course Hawkeye, who is fast and accurate with his arrow.

Luckily you don’t need to choose when watching an Avengers movie as they all feature.  Personally I have always had a thing for Robert Downey Jr (who is on my list – hope he is reading this!).  But I can’t say I am not attracted to Thor.  I don’t like men with long hair.  I don’t go for blondes. But he is so polite and lets be honest – has more than his fair share of testosterone.  The Hulk – well I don’t know what it is but in several interviews I have found myself more and more attracted to Mark Ruffalo – no real idea why other than he has a winning personality.  Captain America – well to be honest I don’t like this superhero.  It too …erm…American. It says look at how wonderful America is. That doesn’t translate well to the UK.  But Chris Evans is very easy on the eye.  Jeremy Renner is traditionally what I would go for in looks but as a superhero he just doesn’t do it for me.  And that leaves the stunning Scarlett Johansson who most men and women would find attractive, but I also love her for her sassiness and confidence.
That probably doesn’t help you at all with your own decision about who is your favourite superhero, but let me tell you this about the new film.

It’s about AI. No not Al but AI – Artificial Intelligence.  It has two new people with extraordinary powers being introduced in this film.  The story is predictable but at least you can follow it.  So all good so far.  Hawkeye is featured a lot more in this movie and the love interest between The Hulk and Black Widow gets interesting.
In theory this film should have it all. So what was it about the film that I wasn’t convinced about?  Well what exactly was in the mission in the opening scene and what were they after?  What was that big metal looking dinosaur?  Why did they have Loki’s Scepter?  What is actually inside the Scepter?

I love a film about AI.  It excites me.  It could happen.  Okay not today, but its almost our touchable future. I like Ultron.  I know I shouldn’t but I do.  I didn’t understand why he wanted humans to ‘evolve’ or die. It never really made sense to me.  Why didn’t Jarvis have a bigger influence on Ultron?  I felt the film never really answered all my questions.  If you haven’t seen the film yet I sound like I’m rambling, but once you have seen it you may well ask the same questions.
So go and see the film.  And enjoy the action.  Try not to think too much about the storyline.




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