Saturday, 4 October 2014

Rusty at The Groucho

Rusty at The Groucho

My reviews are my personal opinion.  And my personal opinion of Rusty Egan is that he is one of the best DJ’s in the world!
If you are not sure who he is…well he is a legend.  He was the resident DJ at The Blitz club. The Club that he and Steve Strange set up in the early 80’s.  It was THE place to be. Even David Bowie turned up at the club…and I have heard Midge Ure tell the story of how everyone there thought they were cool until Bowie turned up…then all their make up cracked.

Rusty has always been cool.  His musical career has included drumming for The Rich Kids and The Skids as well as writing those fantastic tunes as the talent and inspiration in Visage. But this is not someone stuck in a time warp.  Rusty does his stuff in Ibiza and the Isle of Wight Festival drawing in huge crowds.
Rusty knows good music.  And the man can seriously mix.  So when he asked me to come along to see him do a spot at The Groucho could I say no?!

The Groucho club is a private members club in Soho, London. So this event wasn’t open to everyone, only members and their guests.  But what a night it was.  Rusty mixed old and new tracks to get people dancing.  And dance they did. I knew I would want to dance, so yes people…I wore my more comfortable boots. (Known as my Rome boots cause I bought them in Rome).  My Turin boots would have been much more uncomfortable!
I danced.  I laughed.  I hugged a lot of people.  But to be honest, the hugging can be blamed on the alcohol.  I think they automatically give you double measures at the Groucho and I am a bit of a lightweight!

Now I know I may have had a bit of alcohol that made me a bit squiffy, but it was a bit strange and surreal when three separate people said I look like Kate Bush.  Now I know people think this as I have been told this for 30 years, but three in one night?  Trust me, If it was me, I would not have waited 35 years to get out on that stage again.
The Groucho was also an education.  I am rather short (only 5ft) but I learnt what I have been doing wrong in trying to get the barman’s attention.  I got chatting to a guy at the bar who said if you pinch someone’s bum they let you go in front of them.  He said it works on men and women. I said that must be where I have been going wrong all these years.  I said I hoped he didn’t think I had pinched his bum. He said he wished I had!  So now you know people!

The other really lovely thing that happened to me last night was that I met some people who could really dance.  I mean you could see they had been trained and they really could take the floor.  But they came over to me and told me they liked my moves.  At this point my moves involved doing all I could to stand up straight and not fall over!  But they liked my dance moves.  I have never had any dance training and if invited on Strictly would be one of those that Craig would say ‘a zimmer frame can move better than you, Darling!’.  But I have learnt over the years to take a compliment and was very grateful.
It was a fabulous night and Rusty seriously rocked the house.  He is the man.  I still have Daft Punk in my head now…I certainly feel I got lucky!

If you ever get a chance to see Rusty perform, it is really worth going.  And he is also still writing music.  Please check out his sites below.