Friday, 15 May 2009

Angles and Demons
I had been looking forward to this one for a while. I attended the first showing in my area. I had not loved the first film because of the subject matter. (I do have beliefs and feel that film had overstepped the mark). However, I try not to judge so went to this one as I like the mystery/puzzle solving aspect of the films. This film is not true to the book, but I liked the modern update. This film is enjoyable but much more violent than the last one. I personally would not be happy letting 12 year olds see this! (The way people die is very graphic). It made me realise how beautiful Rome is! I want to go....and take many pictures(another hobby of mine. Check out my Flikr account...anyway I digress). Tom Hanks remains one of my all time favourite actors and holds the lead well. It is definitely worth a visit to see this on the big screen. Ewan McGregor is also outstanding and again very enjoyable to watch. Verdict: This is Indiana Jones for the intelligent! Don’t miss it!
17 Again
I liked high school musical even though I shouldn’t. I always liked Friends so this should be a winner. With both Matthew Perry and Zac Efron, whats not to like? It was as predictable as I expected but I did enjoy it. However this will only appeal to a small audience. Verdict: Only those who are teenagers or are teenagers at heart will enjoy this one!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Star Trek
I went to this film with no expectations. I am a bit of a trekkie but would never have surgery to do my ears the Vulcan way. (Yes some people have done that!). This film didn’t seem like a Star trek film. Infact it felt current and up to date…yup..Star Trek has had a makeover…and boy it looks great! Zachary Quinto is outstanding and Simon Pegg did justice to Scotty. I was so pleased (as will be most Trekkies) to see Spock played by Spock aka Leonard Nimoy. The story is fast paced and exciting…and you do grow to like Chris Pine as Kirk…even though it takes a while. Verdict…This will be the start of many new look Star Trek films. Watch this space! Verdict: this will have wide appeal to the purists and to the next generations of trekkies. (Did ya see what I did there? Eh?)

Ghosts of girlfriends past
A terrible title of this romantic comedy with just a hint of a Christmas carol. This film is actually quite funny in places and Michael Douglas was great in his role of Uncle Wayne. There are some great chat up lines of how to be a player. I have known (and dated) men like this! I enjoyed the cake scene and wish there had been more funny moments rather than the more mundane which most of this film have. It is worth a watch…and yes you can drag the bf to this one! (It might be under protest though).