Saturday, 25 February 2012

One for the money

One for the Money.

This action rom-com staring Katherine Heigl is a poor man’s bounty hunter. The lead man (played by Jason O'Mara) is not right. (Did Gerald Butler turn this down?). There is no chemistry between them and it feels drawn out and fake.

What did I like about it? Katherine Heigl (who plays Stephanie Plum) has my hair and they talk about her long curly hair a lot in this film. (In my head I think I look like her but in real life that is probably wishful thinking!)

That should give you an idea of how bad the script is. There are some good character definition such as her family members (including the legendary Debbie Reynolds), but it never really leads anywhere and the storyline is so predictable, the script is very poor and Katherine is left trying to carry this film.

This film is confusing. There are at least three men in Stephanie’s life. The ex- boyfriend, Joe, a friend called Ranger (played by Daniel Sunjata – very nice indeed) and of course the geek, Morty Beyers. She could use her female prowess to get what she needs as a new bounty hunter which would be more entertaining than her coming across as clumpy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Heigl in The Ugly truth, Killers and 27 dresses, but this just didn’t work. Most of the cast are not film actors but from the small screen and it shows.

Give this one a miss and hire out The Bounty Hunter with Rachel from friends instead!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Vow (and the abuse)

The Vow.
I went to see The Vow today. It is a beautiful love story, but my enjoyment of it was ruined by a woman, her friend (possibly mother?) who brought her baby into the cinema and allowed it to continue to cry loudly. Before the start of the film I went over and asked her if she would
mind taking her child outside. They responded very negatively and asked me why I was shouting. (They were 3 rows from the front of the screen and the trailers were very loud!). I said if they didn’t do something I would go and get a member of staff. I left my seat and went to find a member of staff explaining about the crying child but the woman had followed me out.

The woman came back with the quieter child and watched the rest of the film but they waited for me at the end of the film and verbally abused me. I consider myself to only have done what everyone else in the cinema wished they had done, but I didn’t deserve the abuse from the woman for asking her to keep her child quiet. I did complain about them to the management and
the manager was excellent but said unfortunately the policy is that if they buy a ticket (even for an inappropriate film) as long as it doesn’t break the law about age restrictions they can take their child of any age into a 12A. The Vow is a 12A. Is that baby (under 18m) really going to enjoy the film? Is it appropriate for tiny children to see any film just because it is classified as a 12A. (I thought the “A” stood for adult but perhaps it stands for annoying instead!)

Onto the review of the film. It is an excellent rom-com with some wonderfully romantic phrases and quotes. It is about a couple, Paige and Leo who are deeply in love. They are in an accident and Paige is injured so that her memory is deeply affected.

You want to be in their relationship and feel so sorry for them. It is a very moving film and based on real life events of a couple who went through this. I feel this is the level of romance that “One Day” should have been aiming for. This is out and out soppy love…so if you are trying to please the lady in your life …take her to see this and it is job done! If you are a woman going to see it…your girlfriends will love it too!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Woman In Black

Warning: do not go and see this film if you are easily scared.

I am easily scared (apparently) and I went to see this film.

Daniel Radcliffe is very watchable as Arthur Kipps, which is just as well as he is in almost every scene of the film. This is a ghost story about a woman in black who is out for revenge. (I will not ruin the story by telling you any more than that, but you will find out the reasons why she is not at rest).

It was a packed cinema and there was much screaming and nervous laughter in the audience. This film is rated as a 12A. This means any age can come to see it (under 12’s need to be accompanied by an adult), but honestly I feel this is way too scary for anyone under 15 to watch. Ratings should not only be about gratuitous sex or violence but about subject matter and film content. Many people who have viewed it will have nightmares about it afterwards.

Is that the way to measure a good horror story? Perhaps, but for me this will be filed where “what lies beneath” is. (Never to be watched again!).

Go and see it if you are hard enough!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace(1999)

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace(1999) 3D (or not 3D – that is the question!)

This is not my favourite film in the Star Wars (it is in fact my least favourite) but I decided to try it in 3D to see if it made any difference to my enjoyment. After paying extra for the 3D element, I remembered why this was such a terrible film. Too many droids, Natalie Portman trying to decide if she is English or American and of course the absolutely dreadful Jar Jar Binks. He ruins what could be a reasonable film for me.

Anyway you know the story, Naboo is not being protected by the trade federation and two Jedi’s are sent to try to negotiate. Liam Neeson is very watchable as Qui-Gon Jinn. My favourite Parts are the pod race “It doesn’t matter what planet you are from; that’s gonna hurt!” and I do love how many syllables Queen Amidala fits in when she says "I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!” (talk about inflection).

I am also very uncomfortable that young Anakin Skywalker and Queen Amidala have an unhealthy age gap between them yet we all know they get together later in the series of films. Is anyone else in agreement with the fact that if an older person in authority took advantage of a child we would be outraged? (Maybe this is why he ends up as Darth Vader?!!).

So is it worth going to see it in 3D? Are the effects amazing? No they are not. I felt there were so many missed opportunities for the effects to be something really amazing especially with the pod race. Subtle 3D just doesn’t do it for me; I am feeling ripped off as I do want to duck as the
pod comes flying out the screen at me! So get the set on Blue-Ray and enjoy it on your 40” at
home. You know you won’t be bothered by other people’s irritating children who don’t really like Star Wars but the parents wanted an excuse to see it again, or people eating crisps, popcorn and anything else that makes a ridiculous noise.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Man on a ledge

This is a cop/action film – you know the scenario, cop set up and goes down for 25 years. Revenge is on his mind….20 years ago this would be a Bruce Willis film.

There is a good pace set for the film and the camera angles are also really good. Sam Worthington is great as Nick Cassidy, the cop who was set up. You are never sure who is dodgy and how it will end. Jamie Bell plays his brother, I hope Jamie was planning to play him as an irritating character because that is how I found him. His girlfriend is played by Genesis
Rodriguez, who in the real world is far too hot to be with a loser like Joey.

This is obviously billed as a man film, you even got a very hot woman in just her underwear! However I really did enjoy this film so don’t jump just yet, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chronicle (with spoilers)

This is a film about a guy called Andrew who to be honest has a rather crap life. His dad is a violent drunk that takes it out on him. His mum is seriously ill and he doesn’t have many friends and gets bullied at school. He is a loner and you do feel sorry for him. However the film is about what he films with his movie camera (which is what we are watching). His cousin, Matt, takes him to a rave and he, Matt and Steve (a very popular boy) discover a hole in the ground. (a bit cliché if you ask me!).

Suddenly they have superpowers. They start to have fun with them and their powers grow. But of course to teach us that superpowers would have a darker side, (why is there always a moral behind the story?) there are a few bad steps along the way. Steve is electrocuted in a storm with no lightening and Matt starts to suspect Andrew. (why is it always the black guy that dies first?!)

The trouble with this film is…I support Andrew even in the bad things he does. I think he was trying to improve his situation, and why couldn’t he be the popular kid after the talent show? His dad deserves everything he gets and frankly I can understand Andrew’s anger. I am sure this
is not what the makers of this film wanted me to feel but that is how it left me.

Michael Kelly (who plays Andrews dad) is very good as you really dislike his character. I do think they could have developed the relationship between Andrew and his mum but the film does focus on action and with the bittersweet humour it is a great action film.

If you liked Jumper, Push and the TV series Heroes you will like this. Watch out for the two really cool scenes, the Lego scene and the flying scene. Both were excellent where you are laughing and exploring the superpowers with them.

Now honestly, if you had a superpower what would it be and what would you do with it? Would you still want a superpower? I would. And it wouldn’t be a naff superpower like flying! I would want to read and influence people’s minds. Now that really is a super power!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Descendants

This is the new George Clooney film. His wife is in a coma and he has to learn how to cope with both his daughters, and accidentally finds out about his wife’s affair.

The film is based in Hawaii and the backdrops are spectacular. But that is probably where I stop being generous about this film.

I think George Clooney’s character (Matt King) is far too laid back about his reactions to finding out about his wife’s affair, finding out his friends knew and finding out that his wife is not going to make it. It is hard to feel a connection to someone as rich as Matt King and his many cousins when most people are really feeling the pinch! I just don’t get or feel for him in this role yet it should be pulling at your heart strings. (Dying wife – tick, Beautiful backdrop- tick, tragedy in family such as an affair- tick, difficult relationship with daughters-tick)

Very poor role for Clooney considering he has done some outstanding roles in the past (such as ER where I fell in love with Doug) and more recently The American.