Thursday, 28 August 2014

House Party gig – Steve Winch third album preview launch

House Party gig – Steve Winch third album preview launch

I have never been to a house party that hosts a real gig before. I’ve done gigs.  I’ve done house parties.  But never a combination of both.
This was a private party to have a sneak preview of Steve Winch’s new album, songs from the killer floor – volume three.  

It was very intimate.  Nice people.  Food and drink.  And good music.  What more do you need?  
We started off with a warm up from Adrian Stranik.  He is a rockabilly who gave us a range of blues, rock and roll and even a bit of Elvis Costello (well it was his birthday today).

Then onto the main event.  Steve has already two albums and is just about to launch his third album called Songs from the killer chair volume three.  Lucky attendees had an opportunity to buy a copy before its general release.
The set started with Tumbleweed.  This is the first track of the new album and one of my personal favourites.  I actually have quite a few favourites on the new album.  I would invite you to check out Ill wind gonna blow – which sounds like it could be used in a Tarrantino film!  I also really love Don’t you think it’s time and chasing freedom.

Steve has a lovely voice and is an accomplished songwriter.  He delivers the tracks so well that on Queen in my pocket (from his second album) he sang it so beautifully that he got a marriage proposal from a woman in the audience!  He can rock.  He can roll.  He can deliver with meaning, with humour and with passion.
He is a very talented individual.  And backed up by Steve Askew on Bass and Kristian Carter on drums, he delivered a great set and taster for his new album.

Want to know more?  Come along to the Launch of his new album on 4th October at the Stables, Milton Keynes and see for yourself.  Tickets available from
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Set list


The hand that rocks the cradle

Mrs Robinson (cover)

The price I must pay

Five by Five

Portrait of a broken dream

The queen in my pocket

Teenage kicks (cover)

Roadmaps for the soul.