Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

I was hesitant about going to the cinema to see this film just in case some maniac did a copycat killing of the terrible tragedy that happened in the US this week.

But we shouldn’t let this stop us living our lives (We still fly on planes don’t we?) so I went to see this film anyway.
I think even if you had not seen the other Batman films this film is entertaining as a stand-alone film. It is very watchable and the special effects in the action scenes are really good.
I liked Bane as the villain. He had almost a Mad Max out-and-out violence about him. (Why do most villains have an English accent?)  He is played by Tom Hardy, and is almost unrecognisable from his character in “This means War”. (The sign of an adaptable Actor).
I am not a fan of Christian Bale. However he does do the part of Bruce Wayne justice and I love the interaction scenes with him and Alfred (played by the legendary Michael Caine).  
Anne Hathaway is Selina (but some would say she is Batgirl!). I was unsure about her for the role after her disastrous role in “One Day” but she was great in the part and had a kick-ass outfit!
The unsung hero of the film is Blake (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who is a cop trying to keep the peace in Gotham with no Batman to back him up.
Some of this film feels very predictable (when you watch it you will know what I mean).
The real star of this film is the gadgets. I love the bike. (Bat-Bike?) and how its wheels move when changing direction. (My next birthday present perhaps?!). The “Flying Bat” is also way cool and I love all the tech in the Batcave.
I am glad it is not too dark. I have a strong love of the 60’s series and film starring Bruce Ward and Adam West, and part of me pines for those fun Batman days. Holy Retro Batman!
Verdict: If you have three hours to spare, give it a go. It is worth the investment! Kapow!
Me and my New Bike! ;)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Magic Mike

Magic Mike

Do ya wanna see some fit naked bodies? Lots of male flesh? Do you think Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer are sexy? I can’t hear you! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then this film is a must see! I loved loved loved it. I need to state I have never paid to go to see strippers (although I did see The Dreamboys at Erotica once, but that is another story!) and I would not be comfortable having someone grind in my face, but on screen we know that isn’t going to happen so bring it on!
Channing plays Mike, this lovely guy who has his hand in many businesses trying to make a living and one way to earn easy money is to strip. He meets Adam (The Kid) and by fluke Adam ends up stripping on his first night. Adam has a rather pretty sister who Mike obviously likes but still is partying hard.
We all know where this film is going. There isn’t really a strong story but honestly, who cares? There is a LOT of naked flesh on screen and that is good enough for me. In fact, the brilliance of this film is it has real magic. It makes you want to watch it again and again, which for any film company is the real magic of cinema.
Verdict: Forget fifty shades – get a bunch of your girlfriends together (Men should be left out of this one) and get your ass to the cinema pronto!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fifty shades of grey

Fifty shades of Grey 

I don’t normally do book reviews but this is an exception. This book is the fastest selling book ever! Yes even poor Harry Potter would blush at this one!
The book is about a girl called Ana Steele who meets a millionaire called Christian Grey.  She is a virgin and he is into a bit of S&M. I don’t just mean light spanking here…he has submissives and a whole room of gadgets and wants Ana to become a submissive too.
Well that is the premise of the book. You know that anyone who buys it is only after the juicy how juicy are they? (you ask)…(I hope you ask as I am about to tell you)…
They are ok.  They are descriptive and erm..a bit frustrating and I don’t mean in a good way. What is so wrong with this book is it is written as if it was set in Victorian times. The language is ridiculous. Ana never talks about what she calls her private parts…it is always “down there” or “my sex”. This really does take away from the eroticisms. I don’t have an answer about what EL James should call it. But if she mutters “Oh my” one more time, I will burn the book!
I also have issues with how many ways you can say “Said”. EL James rarely uses the word.  They whisper, wryly mutters, smiles, grumbles, gasps, mutters dryly, grins, splutters, implores…almost any word but said. It is VERY annoying.  It goes on further...When she said “He knits his brow” I imagined him with needles and some wool!
Christian Grey’s eyes are often looking at Ana  “Darkly”. How? What does that mean exactly? I really hate the extended descriptive language (on the bits that are not juicy).
Ana is a virgin, but is still a young lady in her 20’s. I really find it hard to believe that she would be so innocent. In England we have Channel 4 to educate us. I am sure there must be an American equivalent.  And if not, there is always the internet and her friend to have chatted with about this before she met him.  Ana also gives men the idea that women prefer penetrative sex to foreplay. This is simply not true. Women love receiving foreplay.  (lots of it for long periods of time please!)Maybe this is her innocence shining through. 
The story itself is really boring and drags on.  EL James has left the end of this book open so you have to buy all three to know what happens. (I am almost finished the second book now).
I have heard it is to be made into a film. Huge mistake for two reasons. Firstly, besides Ana Steele, no-one is going to find anyone with ginger hair attractive. (Ok, a bit harsh..but please tell me she is not impressed with his money – She is more of a WAG than we give credit for!)
Secondly, women like this book and others like it because it lets their imagination take over. The film (unless it becomes a soft porn film) will never live up to the expectations of a woman’s imagination.  Can’t you make the second “shopaholic” film instead? Women love shopping more than “Oh My”.
PS: Men if you lady is reading this book, she may well be game for some role play!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Five Year Engagement

The Five Year Engagement

I was not planning to see this film. I had planned to see Killer Joe but the times were difficult so I chose this as a last minute choice.

I LOVE EMILY BLUNT!! She is a fabulous actress and really has the Midas touch with films as this could have been an average rom-com without her. She is so watchable.

This film is more than a rom-com. It is more of a com-rom. It was very funny and had the audience laughing out loud.  Yes a real life LOL moment!

Tom and Violet knew they loved each other the first time they met. But then real life gets in the way and even after five years they are still not married.

The Chemistry between Blunt and Segal (who also wrote it) is fantastic. You really do feel they are in love.

I had a five year engagement myself and married my husband five years to the day we met, so I know about all the planning and waiting and other issues getting in the way.

Verdict:  I expected an average rom-com. I got so much more than I bargained for.