Saturday, 7 April 2012

Machine Gun Preacher

I know my review of this film is late (It is available on DVD/blu-ray), but I felt compelled to write a review of such a current subject.
The film stars Gerard Butler as Sam Childers, a man who is no-where near next to God, in fact he is rather a bad soul, when he finds his wife and child have found God in his absence in prison.
He goes along to church with them and is baptised (I felt to remove guilt for the bad things he had done rather than any real beliefs) but this does change his life when he hears from a guest minister about what is happening in Sudan.

Things change rapidly here and you have go to with the flow. Sam sets up his own church for “sinners” and has suddenly built his own construction business and moves from a trailer park to a very nice house.
What is moving about this film is the story that is unfolding in Sudan. This is a true story and a very current subject matter, Kony and what he is doing to the children in Africa.
This film is not easy viewing, but is educational and shocking in equal amounts and you do feel you are on a journey with Sam.
Some films try to pull on your heart strings, but this one doesn’t need to as the real story is so horrific, I challenge you not to be moved by this story.
Verdict: Once seen, not easily forgotten.

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