Friday, 15 November 2013

Children in Need

Warning – rant in progress!

Today is children in need day. Only it has been children in need month with the run up to the event. You couldn’t turn on the TV without a reminder or two about it. We have been almost brainwashed by it.  But instead of being brainwashed, I am feeling more and more annoyed about it for several reasons.

Firstly Radio 2 has been doing amazing prizes all week, but to ev
en have a chance you have to bid over 30k. In these times of recession do the very rich need to gloat like that about how they can afford to give huge sums of money away? (I believe the Monaco Grand Prix trip went for more than my mortgage!)

If the rich have that amount of money and want to donate – the graceful thing would be to do it in private instead of doing it so publicly. I was made redundant this year and now earn substantially less than I did. I don’t need reminding of other people’s wealth.

I also have issues with all the brainwashed public who dress up and raise money for children in need. Now be honest, are they really doing it to raise money or is it another way of saying ‘look at me and how good I am raising money for charity?’

I have worked in the third (charitable) sector for a long time. I have personally volunteered since I was 21 years old. I have donated my time and money to several charities over the years. I don't need a big cheque or to go on national TV to do it.

There are lots of small charities who are really struggling to survive. So if you want to dress up and raise money – do it locally. Do it to really make a difference rather than making you look good. Do it so you can see the difference in your local community. Or if you want to make a difference to the vulnerable abroad, how about donating to the emergency relief in the Philippines? Now there are some people who really need our help.
But please think about donating your time and money carefully. Don’t be a sheep.

OK - rant over!

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