Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (with spoilers)

I have not seen the first film in Swedish which was well received, so I can only give my opinion on this film as a total novice of the famous Swedish trilogy as I have not read the books either.

This film stars Daniel Craig, who is ok in it. Not great praise but he didn’t even try to put an accent on when every other single person in the film did (whose roles required it). Maybe he can’t do accents but nothing could be worse than Anne Hathaway in One Day. She will win the award for worst accent ever…anyway I digress…

Daniel Craig is not out of his comfort zone and some of the film does remind me of the first of his 007 films.

On the other hand, the “girl” who is played by Rooney Mara is outstanding in it. I loved her take on a really abused, autistic spectrum, intelligent and yet wounded girl on the edge of life.

The first half of the film is almost two separate stories about both the leads and their lives. It
takes a while to get them together in the same room. I suppose after some of the earlier graphic scenes, you are not totally shocked to find a 23 year old autistic in bed with Daniel. (That is
no way to make “bond girl”).

Most of the other characters are also outstanding in their performances. Christopher Plummer and Stellan SkarsgÄrd are excellent in their roles and make the film really enjoyable to watch.
This film contains some very graphic scenes and the overall story is also unnerving. David Fincher has done a wonderful job on it. It is not comfortable viewing but neither is it supposed to be.

My only real disappointment was some storylines were not followed through. (such as the pressed flowers sent each year, or who killed the cat called cat…). I suppose I have to live with it. Still, I wait with anticipation about the next one…

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