Thursday, 16 April 2009

FILMS- my honest opinion

He’s just that not into you
This film is a must see for all ages. The film gives some good advice…is it so true that our girlfriends tell us “he will call…he does like you”. Actually they just don’t want to hurt you. However, there are parts of the film that fall down and disappoint. Talking at the camera? Come on…even Sex &the city gave that up after the first series! I felt the film is in two parts. The first half is showing the tenuous links between all the characters…and there are some really heart rendering moments that all women have been through. However…let’s be honest…you guys went along to this film because it would show that men have a get out clause. If you think that then you will be disappointed as it does most definitely turn into a romantic comedy with a happy ending. For me this film felt like a weak man’s love actually. And it comes no where near…so to be honest when it comes to this film…I’m just not that into it!

I can sum up this film in one sentence. If you like heroes..You will love this! Ok…I will use a few more words. I really enjoyed this film. (but I am a self confessed sci-fi geek disguise of course). It is set in Hong Kong and that oriental flavour along with the fantastic side effects ( look out for the eyes of the bleeders) are great. The characters were well defined and enjoyable. It was well cast and runs through feeling like we are on a journey. I felt excited not knowing what would happen next. Highly recommended for all sci-fi geeks!

Confessions of a shopaholic
I am a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella and have read all her books. This film had high expectations for me and in the most part…did not disappoint. Isla Fisher takes the lead as Becky Bloomwood. And she is fantastic. For those who have felt the passion as you shop and then get an orgasm as you find it is on sale…this is the film for you. It really is her love affair with shopping that works in this film. I was disappointed they have made her American. (What was wrong with keeping to the script of the book?) Her parents in the film are played by John Goodman and Joan Cusack. However, I felt they were very miscast in their role. I had always imagined Becky’s parents to be more like Bridget Jones’ parents. It is that English eccentricity thing that does not cross the Atlantic easily. However despite that I would like to recommend this film to all shopaholics…but this film should come with a warning…it makes you want to shop! (And almost consider learning Finnish!) Lucky I have a date with Bicester Village in the not too distant future.

The Curious case of Benjamin Button
Now before I start let me just say I am not crazy about Brad Pitt. I have only one film on DVD of his and that is seven. That said, he is absolutely the star of this film. I enjoyed the story, even though it was a bit drawn out to explain how he came to be born old. (We all know it would never happen so let’s just accept that and just enjoy the fantasy). Cate Blanchett was also amazing in this film and was just not given enough credit for her role. It felt like a long film but we are going to live Benjamin’s life even if it is in reverse. The make up effects were great. And I even have to confess enjoying Brad Pitt on the screen; not just for his acting ability..but because he looks damn good in parts of it. That said this is a film for all the family. Men, women and children(12+) will all enjoy this film.

Slumdog Millionaire
I am writing this review in hindsight as it has already won many awards this season. However, I had seen it before it was nominated and therefore seen it because I wanted to….not because it is recommended by others. This has been called a “feelgood” film. Let me put the record straight. This is not a feel good film. This film is gritty, honest, corrupt, and violent in places and does not make you want to ever visit India. However, this is an amazing film. We all love who wants to be a millionaire..and all secretly dream of winning a huge sum of money. So this is why you should see this film. The real stars of this film are the children. Why weren’t any of the children nominated for Oscars? This really is a must-see film. And I loved the Bollywood moment. We needed that moment. Thank you Danny Boyle..

The Reader
I chose to watch this film to see what all the fuss was about. Now I have seen it..The Oscar should go to Angelina jolie for Changling. I know we all love a home. grown Oscar winner, but this was not Kate Winslet’s finest hour. The first hour of the film felt a bit like a porn film…and a very uncomfortable viewing version at that. She was old enough to be his mother and he wasn’t even 16 and had started having sex with her. Now don’t get me wrong…I am no prude but this felt really wrong. Ralph Fiennes did his best but was wasted in this film. Those who were waiting for the “Nazi part” would be very disappointed. It was a difficult film to watch…not just for all the sex and age gaps but also because Michael Berg is a tormented soul who never seems to find the peace he seeks. It really is a sad film…but for all the wrong reasons. You do not want to feel sympathy for Hanna, and indeed I did not. I felt she was stupid to choose prison over admitting she cannot read. This is almost absurd until you remember that this is a true story. Life is stranger than fiction or so they say.

The Boat that rocked
This was not a film I expected to enjoy. I normally love Richard Curtis (well Blackadder and Vicker of Dibley as well as Love actually). However he has also done some films that I found annoying such as Notting Hill. I was pleasantly surprised. It was well cast; very funny but the best thing about it is the soundtrack! We should be so proud of our wonderful English heritage in music. I found it lacking in NO BEATLES…which were an obvious mistake but I will assume that apple did not give permission. However much I adore David Bowie…Let’s dance should not have been put into it. But music aside…the film, dialogue, character development and one-liners (just love Bill Nighly)..was fab! The polarisation between the straight-laced government and the sex-mad fun DJ’s were a bit misleading…but this is not a film that is historically accurate. If you go to see this film…just enjoy it…don’t try to analyse it too much as it will detract from the fun. And fun is what it is. It is suitable for anyone over 15. The boat that rocked…ROCKS!

The Haunting in Connecticut
I am not a brave person. I try to avoid this sort of film. I scare easily. After the sixth sense I could not look into my garden at night incase I saw dead people! So with that in mind…what did I think of a film that suggests a true story. Well frankly…there is no way (even with my wild imagination) I believe this story. However most people will not be going to see this for a true story but they will go to be scared. This film will scare most women. I was screaming in the cinema and mumbling to myself how much I hated this film (much to the amusement of those around me). It probably won’t scare men and frankly the story is rubbish. With hindsight it is a very average horror film. There are no weird twists or fantastic special effects. Not outstanding.

The young Victoria
I do not see many period pieces. Normally I would prefer to act in them myself so I can be very critical of these kinds of films. This was a fantastic film and Emily Blunt was outstanding in her role as the young Victoria. It is a film that is aimed at women rather than men (beautiful costumes, scenery and no fighting). It is a story about a young woman fighting to be is a very empowering film. Emily is very comfortable in her role and makes it a pleasure to watch. Watch this with other women…your men will not thank you for taking them to see this!

I saw this at a preview. All I can say is Amazing…amazing…amazing! This is right up my street. Nicholas Cage is well cast and enjoyable to watch. I loved the idea of a secret code of numbers that will tell us the end of the world! (Scary in a psychological way). There are two disaster scenes that were so realistic that it made me cry. I also loved the fact that it was not completely predictable. If you don’t completely get the end of this film after watching it…email me and I will explain it. However I do not want to spoil it so go and enjoy it. If you like “number 23” you will love this.

Gran Torino
Now I used to love the old spaghetti westerns that Clint starred in. I have not been a big fan of his more recent work (although I love his direction in many films). This film is always going to attract more men than women. But this is an excellent film. I did feel that more could have been done for character direction but there wasn’t the time. And this film educated me…I now know what a Gran Torino is! (I am not giving much away if I tell you it is an old car). This is a film about a grumpy old man understanding new cultures. This is a film about friendships. This is a film about the good and bad in life. Worth a watch.

Bolt 3D
Aimed at children and really is for children. My son adored this film but I found the script a bit weak and was very disappointed with the 3D effects. (If this were a school report; could do better). If you go and see a 3D film you want most of the action to come out of the screen at you. Don’t expect this from Bolt. Bolt is about a film dog that gets lost and has to find his way home. Such an old story but not done particularly well. One for the children only.

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